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Corsair 760 Pricing

Most of our buyers are in the Western U.S. but we are delivering boats all over the world. So, not surprising, the need for a trailer (or not) and your delivery cost with professional final assembly and local duty will play a significant part in your total cost.

We are dedicated to keeping your ownership costs clear and up front. If we can deliver a lower price this month, we will. If boats are hard to get, we'll tell you. We believe in being fair, and transparent. And that's the kind of customer who likes us best, a skipper who appreciates a fair price that allows experienced, personal attention. 

Bottom Line
The factory publishes the list price in U.S. Dollars. The base price for the Corsair 760 is $69,999, and customers in the U.S. might see a sail-away cost for a Corsair 760 starting in the range of $85,000 - $97,000 USD including delivery, import duty, trailer and motor. (not including local sales tax)

Contact Richard Allen at 180 Marine for details >>

Corsair 760 SPORT Pricing can option-up a Corsair 760 to a 760 SPORT with a carbon mast, more options, electronics and distance-race prep...that will put you over $105,000 depending on your preferences. We are happy to coach you on what you really need to make the most of your 760.

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High Re-sale Value!
Way past the time you’ll start taking your Corsair’s strength, endurance, dependability, fit and finish for granted and believe that other boats must also be built as well because how could anyone settle for less – you’ll probably start seeing some new Corsair model and think about trading up. That’s when you’ll find out that the superior construction of your Corsair will enable you to sell it to someone else for not much less than what you bought it for new.

Sound like straight talk to you? We hope so, contact us when you are serious about getting a GREAT boat this year.

A 2019 Corsair 760 is on it's way! We have ordered a 2019 760, due for arrival before the end of 2018. Contact us if you would like to reserve this one so that you are sure to have one by the 2019 sailing season! Or if you'd like to schedule a fall demo on a 760 in Lake Granby, Colorado.

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Make Granby, Colorado a "Bucket List" destination!

Lake Granby, Colorado, borders Rocky Mountain National Park.

The town of Granby, Colorado is quickly becoming known
as the "in" destination for vacationers for its friendly
atmosphere, great location and climate, and close
proximity to Denver.

Demo a new Corsair 760 on Lake Granby, Colorado, which boarders Rocky Mountain National Park. Contact Richard Allen at 180 Marine for details >>

Without Richard Allen’s assistance, the purchase of the Corsair 970 would have been a very difficult and stressful process.
This was my first large boat purchase and I was very naive
of what was actually involved.
— Tom W


Check out the NEW 180 Marine 760 Brochure >>
Here you will see the standard equipment and options list

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