Corsair 880 FAQ’s
(FAQ’s will be up updated weekly so stay tuned)

Corsair 880 Pricing
Introduction pricing is $118,000 USD for the standard base boat and $133,000 USD for the Sport.

Sail away in the US with motor and trailer is more like $135,000 to $155,000 and a loaded Sport could run up to $199,000.

Prices may increase after a short introductory period when the first 20 are sold. 18 are already sold as of September 23, 2019.

Corsair 880 Availability
180 Marine has one 880 left for 2020, hull #6 in our initial production run. Hull #4 will be available to view February 2020 in Southern, California as the very first U.S. delivery. Hull #19 is the next available delivery in 2021.

  • 180 Marine has the first 880 SPORT coming to Long Beach, California in February 2020.

  • Many prospects are waiting to see our first 880…however some customers will wait even longer to get one if they have not placed a deposit with us.

Corsair and Dragonfly models will not be on display at Annapolis 2019 this year. Great event, but we are finding that boat shows are not best suited to detailed evaluation.

Annapolis and Miami are great for our Seawind Cats, so we will have up to five of those models on display at these leading events.

Corsair 880 Launching
I’ve raced J/80s for quite a few years in club settings where you need to get on and off the crane quickly to make room for others who need to launch just as quickly for the event. Here’s how they compare for launching:

  • The Corsair has no backstay, so in that regard it’s probably faster to get on and off the crane.

  • The lifting bridle has four lines that terminate in a single ring at the top. Each line attaches to four “hard points” on the side of the hull near the beam connections.

  • The ring is big enough to easily slip onto the crane cables hook. The 880 can be crane launched by one person, but like the J/80 two is better.

  • My own Corsairs, we have quick disconnects to attach the lifting bridle in less than 2 minutes and take it off in the same time. For most other racing monohulls you have to be careful not to hook the backstay with the crane arm.

  • The Corsair 880 is 250 pounds lighter than the J/80, so the same cranes are suitable. It’s 8 feet wide when folded, just like the J/80. 22 feet wide when sailing.

  • It’s easier to launch at the ramp when needed, MUCH easier, because the daggerboard retracts and you don’t need to sink the trailer deep.

  • The mast is deck stepped, one person job, also much easier for one person to raise and lower without extra equipment or assistance.

What comes standard, and what upgrades and options does Corsair offer? 
A very extensive list is available for your planning. Making an 880 perfect for your racing or cruising style is a very personal choice, so please ask to have a conversation with us to hear what other customer are ordering and why.

What are the dimensions of the cockpit and cabin? How do they compare to a 1990 F-27?  How long are the cockpit benches?
This boat is more comparable to the Corsair 970. You should know that the length between the beams is the same fore and aft as the 970, so it means that the interior volume is virtually the same. Much bigger than the F27 or F28.

For the cockpit please note that there are standard benches and not-so-standard seats with backrests positioned outboard from the cockpit like the 970. Most customers LOVE these, and it makes it difficult to compare the cockpit to old models. We’ll help you with that.

How high is “standing headroom” and how far does that height extend into the cabin?
We know the GOAL is as big as the 970, which is 6’ 1”. I can’t answer this question fully until the prototypes are a little further in production.

(I really care, I’m 6’ 1” and this matters to a lot of our customers.)

When will the Corsair Sailing Manual be updated?
The old Sailing Manual was already old in 2015, but still very helpful. My apologies, the factory has not had time for updates since we’ve launched new models every year.

What are some of the optional creature comforts on the new Corsair 880? 

For starters a 22” Television.

Watch your favorite films from the comfort of your cabin. Majestic Global was the world's first company to develop and produce a 12 Volt LCD TV over 14 years ago. Fast forward the company's growth and technology advances, Majestic remains a global leader in designing specific TV's that can handle the harsh Marine environment and survive the tough outback conditions. Majestic products are built with the highest possible standard and used by some of the world's best known Boat Manufacturers such as Regal Boats, Rinker Boats, Four Winns, Ranger Tugs and many more. You can be assured the quality and reliability as Majestic covers every product with a 3-Year International Warranty. 

The World’s first 22" Full HD 12 Volt LED TV comes with a built in Global HD Tuner that works in over 150 countries. The New Majestic LED222GS is the latest addition to the range with state of the art engineering from Majestic. The LED222GS is packed with new technology such as built in DVD Player, PVR on DVB-T Signals, Majestic Link, ARC, USB for Multi Media and MMMI for iOS and Android capable devices to give you full HD video interface.

A 30L Drawer Fridge.
Keep your favorite foods fresh and secure even in the roughest conditions!  Equipped with high-tech compressors, the well-proven Dometic Coolmatic CD 30 refrigerator provides outstanding energy efficient refrigeration for mobile applications. Its operation is reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures working economically, quietly and are ideal to run with solar panels.

Air Conditioning.
Stay cool onboard your Corsair this summer with the 2,730BTU  (12V) air conditioner from Cold Chilli.

Cold Chilli marine air-conditioning units are specially designed for boat and yacht use. The units are produced out of finest materials regardless marine use. Condenser is made of CuNi alloy in monolithic structure to avoid galvanic corrosion. The unit is enclosed in powder coated and sound insulated INOX casing. Powering directly from the service battery bank eliminates the need for AC generator or shore power. Very silent operation of the unit allows people to sleep in the same room with the unit running. The Cold Chilli air conditioner weighs just 30 kg and is perfect when combined with a 35a charger and portable generator, allowing extended cruising even in the warmest climates.

Am I correct in assuming that requires either running a generator or connection to shore power?
Yes, you need a generator or shore power. Interior fridge is available too or an electric ice chest in the cockpit for the first time!

Hot Water Heater
Unique 12V Water Heater - Hot Water On The Go For Outboard Boats. at just 6.8kg the S360EW is an electric only 12V Water Heater brand new to the marine industry. Ideal for outboards the water heater connects to 12V power supply meaning there is no need for a generator, inverter or shore power. The neat design of the water heater means it can fit in compact spaces and electric only means installation is no longer tied to the engine room. Rather the water heater can be fitted in the galley, transom or other storage spaces simplifying installation and allowing for more space on board.

The Water Heater has a rapid heat up time with hot water in less than an hour and is highly efficient with heat retention of up to 10 hours. The heater is ideal for use with deck showers and warming wetsuits providing 3 Gals of hot water at a time.

With all Whale Water Heaters safety comes to the forefront and the 12V water heater is no different with integrated temperature and pressure valve plus a thermal cut-out and heat Indication output. The heater also has an integrated anode for longer life and the relay allows for switching at the helm for ease of use and control.

Bluetooth Stereo
Enjoy flexibility in audio control options with Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio, USB and AUX audio connections available, providing incredible audio reproduction and a smooth frequency response with Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Voice prompts guide operation of the stereo, and the versatility of three simple mounting options available lets you install your stereo where it is best suited.

The Fusion Panel-Stereo is a seriously versatile solution for quality in-cabin audio entertainment.


HI-FI AUDIO REPRODUCTION THROUGH DSP: Digital Signal Processing optimizes the entire audio chain, ensuring the speaker components always receive premium quality audio for an efficient, incredibly smooth frequency response and Hi-Fi audio reproduction at every volume level.

PLUG & PLAY ALL-IN-ONE AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION: With built-in Class-D amplification, stereo source selection of Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, USB and AUX, two 3” speakers and a large surface bass radiator all combined in a perfectly tuned enclosure, the Panel-Stereo provides a one-product solution for in-cabin audio entertainment. All the acoustic parameters have been calculated by our acoustic engineers and taken into consideration when designing the enclosure to ensure quality audio reproduction wherever the Panel-Stereo is installed. 

SIMPLE, VERSATILE AND COST-EFFECTIVE INSTALLATION: Designed for easy installation, the Panel-Stereo only requires 12V dc power, ground and AM/FM antenna connections. With three mounting options available to create a professional finish with a maximum of only one cut-out required, the Panel-Stereo is a seriously versatile solution. The 43mm (1.69in.) surface mounting spacer allows installation directly onto any flat surface with no cut-out required, and its shallow depth allows for installation in a shallow wall cavity, either installed flush or flat for a premium finish.

BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Stream your family’s favorite soundtrack from any compatible Bluetooth enabled device with Bluetooth audio streaming. Control is available from either the Panel-Stereo or the connected device.

VOICE PROMPTS: Audible feedback is given as you cycle through music sources, change stations and save presets. These voice prompts are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

FUSION-LINK™ CONTROL: Enjoy the freedom of wireless control of your audio entertainment from your compatible Apple or Android device with the free Fusion-Link app via Bluetooth. Download the free Fusion-Link Lite app to enable wireless control via ANT Technology from your compatible Garmin watch

Corsair 880 Navigation

Base Navigation Package

The base navigation kit for your Corsair provides all the sailing and navigation essentials including 2x 4.1” Triton2 multifunction displays with wind, speed and depth transducers.

B&G Triton 2 sailing instruments feature bright, clear 4.1" displays and fully customizable screens in a low-profile mounting. View sailing data, depth, speed, wind and AIS, enjoy excellent viewing angles and award-winning sailing features.

Advanced Navigation Package
The advanced navigation kit for your Corsair provides all the sailing and navigation essentials including 7” plotter, autopilot with 4.1” multifunction display, control and wind, speed and depth transducers with 4.1” multifunction display.


B&G Vulcan has an easy-to-use, intuitive, multi-touch screen. Use the familiar pinch to zoom and swipe to pan actions to explore the many benefits to make your life on the water easier and safer; add waypoints and plan your route with ease.

With B&G’s award-winning sailing functions, you can see all of your key sailing data together on one screen, or overlaid on charts for the modern sailor’s ultimate navigational view. Simply add sailing instruments and sensors to activate B&G SailSteer, which will provide an intuitive graphic display of your Boat Speed, Wind data, Heading, Tide, Wind Shift Sectors and even Lay lines. It’s easy to add waypoints or plot a course; and with B&G SailingTime you’ll see waypoint arrival times based on a sailing course and tidal effects, rather than a straight-line calculation.

Get more from your Vulcan by expanding your system via the industry-standard NMEA 2000® network. You can add sailing instruments and sensors, as well as autopilot, Broadband Radar™, ForwardScan™ or SonicHub™ to create a system to suit your needs. Vulcan can be used as a secondary autopilot controller providing easy access to Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions, and Smart Maneuver functionality combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control. B&G Broadband 3G™ or 4G™ Radar integrates with Vulcan to keep watch as you sail, with the ability to identify and track targets from 36 nautical miles away (4G) to right off the bow.

With the addition of a ForwardScan™ transducer, you can see what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. Explore poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently.

Vulcan features built-in Wi-Fi and offers easy access to selected online services, including PredictWind weather forecasts and routing, via marina or smartphone hotspots. Or use the Wi-Fi to mirror the screen of your Vulcan 7 to a compatible smartphone or tablet, for a cost-effective dual-station solution you can take anywhere on board.


  • Easy to use multi-touch display

  • Dedicated sailing features for cruising or racing: SailSteer, SailingTime, RacePanel, Laylines

  • Easy to integrate – Connect Vulcan to an existing system and add basic sailing components

  • Broadband Radar™ and ForwardScan™ ready

  • Integrated Wi-Fi

  • Control your B&G Pilot

  • Instrument data display

VHF and Antenna
The V50 is a full Featured VHF with DSC function, suitable for any user. Added Value with built in AIS receiver – one antenna required. Sophisticated Wireless Handset with unique inductive charging. Easy to use – large screen packed with info, proven rotary controls

Large 57mm diameter speaker for loud & clear audio (94dBA @ 1m)
High quality fist mic: In-built speaker for noisy environments, 6 keys for easy helm operation, Easy grip rubber over moulding
Advanced radio features including AIS plot, waypoints, navigation and MOB features
Track Your Buddy when connected to a B&G MFD
PA/Hailer Horn output with Listen back feature
Flush mount kit & sun cover included as standard


If you're interested in knowing more about the Corsair 880 or the Corsair 880 Sport contact Richard Allen. Pricing? contact me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Thanks!

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