Introducing the new 29’ Corsair 880 SPORT.
State-of-the-art in trimaran design

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The mission of the Corsair is simple:
To provide sailors of all skill levels the opportunity to trailer a boat across continents, be comfortable, and sail at effortlessly fast speeds. Presented here is the version to deliver all of that as well as race wins…

So if your priority is to have all of the same adventures as cruisers, while winning then it’s the new Corsair 880 SPORT that floats your boat. This is performance for skilled sailors. Featuring a taller 13.8 metre carbon fibre rig, aramid laminate sails, and a lightweight fit-out this boat is the finely up-tuned version of the state of the art in trimaran design. A larger-calibre carbon bowsprit creates an increased forward triangle to get the most out of a power-to-weight ratio that’s class leading everywhere in the world.

The all-new Corsair 880 and Corsair 880 SPORT are much more than feature-packed Corsairs. Careful attention has been paid to the fine detail. Hugely significant is the aft cabin area which gives the boat the ability to sleep 5. The manual or dry-bowl electric toilet is housed in an enclosed heads with overhead hatch ventilation – no smells in this new generation 28-footer. The galley area, like the main saloon, has full standing headroom making cooking and moving about while underway a breeze.

180 Marine is the first dealer in the U.S. to receive the Corsair 880 SPORT.
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The mission of the Corsair 880 is to provide sailors of all skill levels the opportunity to sail an effortlessly fast performance sailboat while being completely safe and comfortable.

Relaxed cruising: Helming from the protection and comfort of the padded cockpit seats is made possible due to the low heel and stable sailing provided by high volume ama design and a huge unfolded beam.

High speed racing: A 45-foot carbon rig, laminate sails offered on the Sport model, combined with the impressive low-rocker hull design deliver class leading performance.

Base Price $133,000 USD

Many customers are choosing options, shipping, trailer, motor for a cost of about $160,000 to $190,000


If you're interested in knowing more about the Corsair 880 or the Corsair 880 Sport contact Richard Allen. Pricing? contact me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Thanks!

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