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2016 WINNER SAIL BEST BOATS - Congratulations to our new Pulse 600 owners!

The Pulse 600 saved my life...
"Well, the new trimaran by Corsair saved my sailing life anyway..."

"In short, I found myself without a fleet in my early 40's asking the question "what's next?".  I learned to sail at age 7.  I won my first national championship at 11, was a four-year letter at USMMA with a few national titles in hand by graduation in 1997.  After college, like many others, I continued to sail lasers and V15s though many of my fellow collegiate sailing competitors went into full-time Olympic campaigns.  I qualified and competed in the Olympic Trials in 2000, 2004 & 2008 to showcase how much better the full-time campaigners became over the years. For my personal fleet, I traded usage of an S525 for a J22 along the way and raced it for 13 years.  I ended up with a J30 that my wife and I enjoyed overnight cruising on but now with three kids, two boys 9 & 6 and a girl now 3, the contentment and solace the J30 brought my wife and I does not quite do it for all of us.

One day about three years ago, the owner of the J22 Green Flash called requesting his boat back.  We originally traded boats because we were both moving simultaneously, I left my boat where it was in Port Arthur for him to use, he left the J22 in Houston for me to use.  Sadly, I delivered Green Flash back to Port Arthor and the two of us decided I would donate the S525 along with some cash from him to the sea scouts."
— Chad T Wilson, Galveston Bay
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Here is an honest and fresh review on the Pulse 600 from Bob Webbon and Martin Hamilton from Galveston Bay.

Sailboats are either built for comfort or for speed. The new Corsair Marine Pulse 600 Trimaran falls in the latter category. Longtime friends and Galveston Bay sailors Martin Hamilton and Bob Webbon recently purchased a Pulse 600. These guys have been racing catamarans for years so we thought it would be a good idea to ask them what they thought of the boat:

What is your idea of the perfect sailboat? 

Martin: In two words: stable and fast. For the last decade, I have been sailing a Condor 40 trimaran and an A-Class catamaran. The catamaran provided the opportunity to compete around the country in a single-handed fast boat. The trimaran allowed me to entertain on a quick boat with plenty of stability (set a beverage down and come back later and finish it).

Bob: The perfect boat? For what? For sailing? For cruising? For having friends onboard, etc. If it’s a perfect day sailing boat then it must have a groove. It should give back what you put in. It should have a feel that is pleasurable, it should take you away from the mundane of life. It should be exciting. There are plenty of great boats that do that. What do you like most about this boat?

MH: The Pulse 600 is the new standard. It has the speed and excitement of an A-Cat and at the same time is stable enough for my wife and I to handle even in winds of 20+ knots. And the boat easily accommodates 4 adults. Perfect for a family outing. BW: The Pulse 600 is light-weight so it is lively, responsive but forgiving. It’s quick in a breeze and remains fast with four people on board. It’s just downright fun. Get a little boom box on board with a nice cold beverage, sheets cleated doing high teens, what more do you need for a great afternoon.

— Bob Webbon and Martin Hamilton, Galveston Bay
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Review from SAIL...

It was heartening to see a whole crop of new daysailers at this year’s fall shows, including boats with one, two or three hulls. But in the end the judges decided the real standout in the group was the Corsair Pulse 600.

The Pulse 600 is a 20ft folding trimaran from the company that pioneered the genre. This new model has the same well-engineered structure for folding the amas as the original Corsair, as well as a gin-pole and tackle to raise the mast. It's easy for one person to get the boat from folded on the trailer to sailing across the water. The boat is also stable enough to be left afloat folded up, which many owners do in between sailing sessions to make getting underway that much easier.

Then there’s the boat’s performance. In moderate winds, the Pulse 600 is slippery and a joy to knock around in. In strong winds, the boat will be a veritable adrenaline generator, with speed to burn. Both a standard jib and an asymmetric chute are rigged on roller furlers.
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"We’ve been sailing our demo Pulse 600 off and on since February. The Pulse is an exciting all-new 20 ft sports trimaran from Corsair Marine. Priced in the mid $30’s ex factory with main and jib, this is a true entry level boat, but with the performance, convenience, practicality, quality and safety that the world has come to expect from a Corsair trimaran.

Three words suffice to describe its performance: its a blast. Not only does it have superb performance but it's the most comfortable small boat we have ever sailed on. The modern hull shapes created by Francois Perus means that we have yet to bury the leeward float bow even when reaching in 25 knots of wind with full main up."
— Don Wigston, Windcraft


"The Pulse 600 is awesome, and will be a great addition to the already terrific Corsair trimaran lineup. As we left the sheltered beach and got into some wind, the first impression was how lively and responsive the Pulse 600 was; it was effortless to sail. With an estimated 15 to 20 knots wind speed, the boat was incredibly exciting, but easy to control. Going upwind, the high volume leeward float never looked like burying or creating excessive drag. In the short, sharp chop, the thin bows sliced through with the minimum of fuss and amazingly little water spray. In fact, on all points of sail, I was delighted how dry the boat was."  Read More >>
— Richard Ward, Corsair CEO


"After a long anticipated wait, I was lucky enough to get out for a sail recently onboard the all new Corsair Pulse 600 trailer trimaran following its world launch at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Designed by Francois Perus Yacht Design, the Pulse 600 is designed as a simple, safe and exciting one design day sports boat, made to easily store, and trailer after sailing. 

Hitting 12+ knots of boat speed, the Pulse 600 just started to fly along and hum beautifully off the breeze and started to feel closer to an F18 than a Dash or was getting real fun at this stage. We started to drive it pretty hard downwind for the conditions as the apparent wind continued to increase. The float design just continued to impress as we flew through some chop and you could just see the buoyancy on those babies keeping the boat planning."  Read More >>
— Brent Vaughn, Director Multihull Central


"Another great weekend test sailing the Pulse 600, although the breeze was a little shifty, we were able to test the carbon bowsprit. Until the bigger spinnaker arrives the flying head sail had to do but don't worry, we still managed to have plenty of fun. Some great reaching runs saw the leeward floats pressed at times and speeds in the high teens." Read More >>
— Mike Rees, General Manager Corsair

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