The Annapolis Boat Show wrapped up last month showing off "BEST OF", new trimarans, catamarans, monohulls and great new products. The sailing industry was buzzing!

The Seawind 1160 LITE was at this years show. One of the most noticeable differences on board the Seawind 1160 LITE was the new sleek interior design and fit out. 

Seawind 1160 LITE

Simple / Fast / Light

Seawind 1160 LITE.png
“Working with Richard has been a positive experience for me. He was very attentive to my needs and worked closely with the factory in Vietnam to make sure my requests were heard.
I had many questions as I wanted to modify my Seawind 1160 LITE quite a bit for my passage from
Vietnam to the Whitsundays, Australia.” — David
Corsair 760

Introducing Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser, the Corsair 760.

Introducing Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser, the Corsair 760.

This 24-foot trailerable trimaran brings trailer sailing to the next level. Originating from the ever popular 24 and 750 range, this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design. 

The Corsair 760 feels and sails like boats twice its size, but it's affordably priced to own & maintain. Corsair resale value is legendary and will be one of the best new boat investments you can make today. 

Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of the Corsair boats.  Learn more about the 760 >>

Learn more about the Pulse 600 >>

The Pulse 600  /  This 20' lightweight trimaran is so lively, and responsive but forgiving. It’s quick in a breeze and remains fast with four people on board, and perfect with two.

Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure fun… Designed for conveniently easy rigging and setup so you can quickly launch, unfold the floats and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair range. Learn more about the Pulse 600 >>

“Richard Allen and Leslie Gabriel with 180 Marine make the most customer-oriented, knowledgeable and caring boat selling team I have ever met.
I really appreciate the way they are working, I feel I have a trusted Corsair contact even though I didn’t buy a Pulse 600 from them, but I finally decided to buy a used Corsair 750 Sprint.” — Jeffrey S
The Pulse 600 ROCKS out at the Tahiti Pearl Regatta! Tahiti Pearl Regatta - 15 knots upwind and 23 downwind reported, well done to the crews. The Pulse 600 features lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. Watch videos of the Pulse 600 at 15 knots >>

Introducing the Corsair Cruz 970

Prior to the development of the 32ft Cruze 970, over 300 C31s were delivered to owners all around the world making this model one of the most successful trimarans in the world. The C31 was chosen for its great sailing qualities & rugged construction for a number of epic adventures in the Arctic including an incredible voyage through the notorious North West and East West Passages in a single season. However most were used for cruising and racing. Learn more about the Corsair Cruz 970 >>

I had the fantastic experience to buy a Corsair Pulse 600 from Richard and Leslie. They flew all the way down to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to deliver the boat and give me some lessons how to sail and store it.
I can just say all worked perfectly, much better than expected. — Guillermo S

We find great people for great multihulls everyday.

We're good at it... because we focus on our passion - multihulls. We work to find the right fit for your needs, or customize what's available until it's PERFECT for you. 180 Marine is the fastest growing Corsair Marine Dealer in the U.S., owned and operated by Richard Allen and Leslie Gabriel, long time Corsair trimaran racers, day sailors and cruisers. Few know more than Richard Allen about Corsair Trimarans. Richard is U.S. Fleet Captain and Dealer for the Pulse 600, covering the Western United States. Most Corsairs and Seawinds are received and commissioned in Pensacola, Florida, Oakland or Long Beach California, then professionally transported, or picked up by each customer for the final sailing destination. 180 Marine is networked, and can help with finding a used Corsair when a new Corsair just won’t work. We offer innovative and quality products that enhance your sailing experience on any Corsair Trimaran. For instance, many owners like the new Torqeedo…on their Corsair.

Our team of multihull sailors, with thousands of off-shore sea miles, are ready to bring you their most valuable experience. We race competitively every chance we get. The San Diego NOODS, San Francisco Bay Corsair Nationals, and Pensacola Corsair Nationals are only a few examples of recent events. We handle all aspects of your boat purchase. Home base is Denver Colorado, where we can easily travel throughout the Western U.S.

We cruise for the adventure. Just ask about the time from New York to South America, or cruising in the British Virgin Islands. So use our resources to meet people, learn about the boats, go for a demo sail, explore ownership options, and more. We support customers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

We choose to remain ahead of the curve, creating and enhancing innovative client-first philosophies in everything we do.

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