Learn how Colorado skippers recently changed their lives by deciding to work and sail now…not work and wait!

We’ve all sailed a charter, but this group of Colorado Cats has discovered unique ways to realize the dream...
making cruising a monthly gig years ahead of schedule.

Speakers - Our Colorado Cats

Bill Edwards & Katie Smith, Seawind 1160 Cat
Bill has owned four yachts during his sailing career. Most recently a Seawind Catamaran 1160 Lite, Seawind 1000, Corsair 28 Trimaran, and Bill started the cruising life on a Macgregor 26. He's sailed from New York nearly to South America.

Peter Sharp, Leopard 39 Cat
Peter recently purchased a Leopard 39 in St. Martin. He was just there to inspect the boat and he has a lot to share about current conditions in the island chain given the hurricanes this season. Peter is an expert sailor, you've met him at one racing event or another sailing Ultimate 20s and more. Peter will tell you WHY he made the leap now...

Peter Baumgartner, Seawind 1160 Cat
Peter has timed his purchase'll be a little jealous. He's transitioning from a successful career as a financial planner, and Peter will take delivery of his new catamaran this fall to start a second career as a charter captain. Peter will share smart moves he's making now to make the most of his first year on the water.

Peter & Laura Muller, Gemini 105 Cat
Peter's living his dream, sailing in the Pacific Northwest! He can share how he takes advantage of a charter fleet to reduce costs, while reducing management headaches at the same time so he can focus on his active business based in Colorado.

Owners will share their personal experience, each story is different:

> Charter NOW with a Colorado skipper who can offer the best "local knowledge"
   on your favorite destination.

> Planning insights to set sail sooner and cheaper, if you simply must have your
   own cruising boat.

> How to prepare for short-term and long-term costs, and learn more with
   smart charters now.

> How to MEET people who will share your dream, and cut your costs before
   you get started.

> How to choose the boat (and budget) that’s right for you now.

Come on out for this event!

March 1, 2018 / "How to realize your dream...before you retire."

Hosted by: Richard Allen / 180 Marine and our favorite Colorado Skippers

Time: Social Meet and Greet at 6:00 pm / Presentation 6:30 pm...
Ends about 7:30 pm

Place: The Pelican Club, at The Lake House at Cherry Creek  (State Park)  

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