180 Marine offers the flexibility you need...just like a great trimaran or catamaran.

Just as Airbnb now offers access to "experiences" in popular destinations, 180 Marine offers access to multihull experiences too. We know you may buy and commission a new boat once in 10 years. But in the meantime you might appreciate access to charters, specialized training or demo sails much more often. We've established multiple locations in the U.S. for you to see or demo either a Corsair Trimaran or Seawind Catamaran. And we're open to arranging training or other services at a destination you choose. Let us know what you value...at the end of the day, we want to hear it from you.


Most Corsair Trimarans and Seawind Catamarans are received and commissioned in one of four locations: Pensacola, Florida...Long Beach, California...Oceanside, California or Oakland, California. New and used boats are professionally transported, or picked up by each customer, as you wish. With 4 locations to choose from, some are better in winter than summer, and many owners choose a delivery destination that's part of the adventure.

This year we've delivered boats to owners living in less obvious locations like an island in Oregon, a ski town in Idaho, or mountain lake in Colorado. Cities like Chicago, Oklahoma City St. Louis, and El Paso are now hailing ports...180 Marine has even imported directly to Mexico and Canada or or arranged a Vietnam delivery for an adventure of a lifetime.