Introducing Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser,
the Corsair 760.

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A 2019 Corsair 760 is on it's way! We have ordered another 2019 760, due for arrival before the end of 2018. Contact us if you would like to reserve this one so that you are sure to have one by the 2019 sailing season! Or if you'd like to schedule a fall demo on a 760 in Lake Granby, Colorado.

Modern French Design

The Corsair 760 offers better performance than any other high performance sport boat. Originating from the ever popular 24 and 750 range, this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design.

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Price, $92,500 USD nicely equipped, and delivered in the U.S.

Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of the Corsair boats.

The Corsair 760 is incredibly easy to sail, even single-handed. Sometimes you choose to be sailing alone, and sometimes it just ends up that way with the crew asleep after a great summer’s day out on the water. All sail controls lead back to the cockpit. The Corsair 760 sails with almost zero heeling. It slips through the water with a minimum of fuss and gets you home quickly & safely.

The Corsair 760 feels and sails like boats twice its size, but it's affordably priced to own & maintain. Corsair's resale value is legendary and will be one of the best new boat investments you can make today. 

Reversed bows and high volume floats

The Corsair 760 offers sailors more comfort, performance and safety than our previous designs. This has been achieved by cleverly designing ultra modern high-volume, wave-piercing floats. This design offers additional buoyancy to significantly increasing the vessel's righting moments and safety margins.

New roomy and stylish cabin

The Corsair 760 offers a comfortable cruising interior with compact galley and pop top. This compact cruising trimaran has been designed to comfortably sleep couples for weekend getaways. With an optional collapsible dining table it will sleep up to 4, making the Corsair 760 a performance cruiser the whole family can enjoy.

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The Corsair 760 is also sold in a SPORT version including carbon rotating wing mast and additional performance enhancements. Please contact us and we'll explain all the details available in either model. We also have comparison tables with other popular trimarans in this size.

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Check out the Corsair 760 in Lake Granby, Colorado
Demos Available June, July, August and September 2018

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