Introducing the Corsair 760 Sport

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Price, starting at $90,454 USD... equipped just as you'd like, and delivered anywhere in North America.

The Corsair 760 SPORT delivers supreme performance through the use of lightweight carbon technologies. However, she keeps the simple and effective sail plan, sail handling features, and folding mechanism that make the Corsair 760 so easy to manage. The carbon mast – standard on the Corsair 760 SPORT, reduces weight aloft and actually increasing her safety factor. So you can turn the speed dial to 10, but remain completely in control and comfortable in sailing such a performance machine. Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of all Corsair boats.

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All Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions. But the Corsair 760 models including the Corsair 760 SPORT are finely tuned to turn numbers into results.

We know that the devil is in the detail when building trimarans to sail offshore in the worlds toughest oceans. This ethos translates perfectly in creating a new Corsair SPORT to win races –  because to win every race you need to finish every race.  The Corsair 760 SPORT boats a power to weight ratio of 42.9 sq.m/T – class leading on every continent. But the Corsair 760 SPORT is not a stripped down cruising boat – she is creative thinking and smart use of technology brought to to life in a boat that enhances and excites the Corsair 760 platform. Over 800 Corsair 24’s and almost 3,000 Corsairs sailing worldwide stand testament to this safety record. Now with the Corsair 760 SPORT you keep the record and dial up the power.

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