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The Trimaran Sailing Clinic from 180 Marine is designed to provide the essential foundation of sailing skills on a Corsair trimaran. Learn either how to sail a Corsair much better, or to sample what Corsair trimarans are like to sail.

Private or Group clinics are offered. Long Beach, California or Pensacola, Florida is where we typically sail out of. Offered as half day, one day or two day sailing clinics, these clinics gets the new trimaran owner started out right, and builds upon previous sailing experience. Using the modern Corsair trimarans as our teaching platform, we begin with the trimaran design and boat dynamics, mast raising and lowering and how to launch either by crane or ramp. As you become more confident with your sailing skills, it’s possible we can sail out to Catalina Island, 30 miles out from Long Beach on the 970. We wouldn't recommend sailing the Pulse 600 out to Catalina, too wet and wild!

We also offer training at the location of your choice on your new Corsair trimaran.

Our instruction is extremely comprehensive. We believe strongly that the best way to learn how to sail is by actually sailing!  And with a maximum of three sailors per boat, all sailors are certain to receive plenty of personal attention. Participants gain extensive hands-on experience, building the sailing skills and knowledge specifically for sailing a trimaran.

We’ve been sailing Corsairs and other trimarans for over 20 years, happy to share our experience.

Call or email Richard Allen for all details or to reserve your slot.
303.669.6210 or

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