The Pulse 600 is lightweight carbon reinforced
construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. 

This Sailing Manual for the Pulse 600 provides you with the knowledge you will need to stay safe and secure on the water.

The Pulse 600 is awesome, and will be a great addition to the already terrific Corsair trimaran lineup. As we left the sheltered beach and got into some wind, the first impression was how lively and responsive the Pulse 600 was; it was effortless to sail. With an estimated 15 to 20 knots wind speed, the boat was incredibly exciting, but easy to control. Going upwind, the high volume leeward float never looked like burying or creating excessive drag. In the short, sharp chop, the thin bows sliced through with the minimum of fuss and amazingly little water spray.

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