Introducing the Corsair 970 Sport

Corsair 970 Sport

Price, $226,000 USD nicely equipped, and delivered in the U.S. 

The Corsair 970 SPORT delivers supreme performance through a new and supremely powerful sail plan.  So while the Corsair 970 Cruze retains a mast built for road trailering, economical transport, and sail management, the Corsair 970 SPORT answers the call of sailors wanting to achieve performance on a new level.   But this does not add complication – while taller and larger, the 970 SPORT keeps the simple and effective sail layout, sail handling features, and folding mechanism that make her smaller sibling so easy to manage.  With the 970 SPORT, the Corsair design team have captured the spirit of trimaran sailing, while ensuring you have a boat fit for a weekend with the family and dogs, not just the dogfight.

Built to race, but at home cruising

All Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions.  But Corsair SPORT models including the 970 SPORT are finely tuned to turn numbers into results.

Competitive sailors are legendary for their dedication to the sport and the 970 SPORT delivers a boat to match. The 970 Cruze is known as the “swiss army knife” of trimarans – equally adept at cruising, racing, and passage-making. The 970 SPORT exchanges the swiss army knife, for the masters’ chef knife – delivering dedication to performance while achieving some remarkable versatility – she is still road legal in most areas and seaworthy and safe offshore.  The power to weight ratio stands unequalled in a 32-foot trimaran.  But the 970 SPORT experiences remarkably low heel and feels light and easy to manage on the helm.  So while you keep a boat that retains serious offshore credentials, you achieve performance figures to turn the dial red.

The Corsair 970 Sport carries a taller mast and and increased power to weight ratio

Corsair 970 Sport


Here are some highlights:

The Corsair 970 Sport carries a taller mast and increased power to weight ratio.
Advanced construction and reliable equipment
Advanced racing sails providing unparalleled performance
Full 970 interior comforts and finish, updated for 2017.
Full navigation and electronics packages now available with factory install

The video below has good information in it, BUT you may want to turn the sound down because of the horribly annoying music!

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