Corsair 880 Specs


Liveability on a Corsair 880 through smart
ergonomic design


Key Features and Options
Power and Electrical

CORSAI power and electrical.png
Power and electrical.png

Corsair 880 exterior fabric selections available for cushions and sail bags


Trailerability is not a hassle. It’s an advantage!


easy to trailer

Trailerability is not a hassle. It’s an advantage! Especially since it only takes a single owner about 1 hour to go from trailer to sailor and back again after a couple of practice runs. Corsair trimarans fold up and pull out effortlessly, the mast comes down in minutes, tows easily and smoothly and saves you a bundle on slip fees and seasonal storage.

The folding system. It’s spectacular. It’s patented. After decades of use worldwide our folding systems are well proven and are the most successful and structurally sound available for trimarans.

If you're interested in knowing more about the Corsair 880 or the Corsair 880 Sport contact Richard Allen. Pricing? contact me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Thanks!

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