180 Marine Testimonials

“It means so much to us to hear back from our customers, many of whom have become good friends and partners. We look forward to supporting each and every one of you on your adventures in sailing and living the best life possible!”
— Richard and Leslie

I want to thank you both for the time spent this past weekend commissioning my new 760R. I can’t tell you how valuable the experience was for me. I felt like a sponge attempting to absorb all the information Richard was imparting. Richard you are a natural teacher/leader—not sure how you remain calm in every situation—always coming up with a thoughtful plan and executing without a hitch. One of the greatest lessons of this weekend is watching how you react to unexpected and sudden events sometimes emergent – not too dissimilar to heart surgery—I wish I had more of your calm demeanor—something to emulate.”
— Michael A

“Richard Allen held my hand managing the buying process at every step of my used Corsair purchase. Richard has a calm, smooth character. This business style made the anxieties of this process come down to a very comfortable level.

After I actually owned my Corsair 970, Richard went above and beyond to help me sail it from Long Beach to San Diego, where it was secured for shipment to my final destination in the Midwest. Since then he’s been an invaluable source of support.

I literally felt as if Richard and I were old friends on a spectacular vacation!”
— Tom W

“First class service. I could not have asked for a better experience or boat. I highly recommend Corsair and 180 Marine for your next boat purchase.”
JT Cody

“Working with Richard has been a positive experience. He was very attentive to all of my needs and worked closely with the factory in Vietnam to make sure my requests were heard. I had many questions as I wanted to modify my Seawind Catamaran 1160 quite a bit for my family and the long passage from Vietnam to the Whitsundays, Australia.”
— David C

“I had the fantastic experience to buy a Corsair Pulse 600 from Richard and Leslie. They flew all the way down to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to deliver a red Pulse 600 and give me some lessons on how to sail and store it. I can just say all worked perfectly, much better than expected. Three years later…they helped me quickly find a buyer and successfully sell my Seawind 1000 XL.” 
— Guillermo S

“Richard Allen and Leslie Gabriel with 180 Marine make the most customer-oriented, knowledgeable and caring boat- selling team I have ever met. I really appreciate the way they are working, I feel I have a trusted Corsair contact even though I didn’t buy a Pulse 600 from them, but I finally decided to buy a used Corsair 750 Sprint.” 
— Jeffrey S

“We’ve had the pleasure of buying a Corsair Sprint 750 MKII from Richard and Leslie with 180 Marine. Being first-time boat owners they made the experience enjoyable, effortless and serene. We took delivery of the boat in Oceanside, California where Richard and Leslie went above and beyond to truly customize the experience for our family and teach us all the technical aspects of the boat.”
— Paul and Miriana

“This was my first boat purchase and I had done my research and then still had many questions. Richard is extremely knowledgable  about all the Corsair models. I decided to purchase a Corsair 760 for the family. Working through many of the details like financing, boat performance and training was easy and smooth with Richard. He is a good communicator.”
— Hoku M

“My Pulse 600 has been with me for two weeks now and it’s been wonderful. Richard came to Milwaukee Harbor to finish fitting her out and gave me some lessons. It was a joy to work with Richard and Leslie to find the right boat for me. It’s hard to describe my satisfaction with the Pulse without describing why I wanted it. To put it succinctly: I wanted a Pulse because it looked simple to own while being safe and fun to sail.

Many thanks to 180 Marine for helping me feel young again, and how much is THAT worth when you’re grinding out family income all week.”
— Gary S