Start planning your next sailing adventure!

Here we have a few "BEST OF" Corsair Trimaran and Seawind Catamaran sailing videos for you to enjoy, as you dream and plan for your next adventure...maybe it's lake sailing or some coastal hops until your big BVI trip!

For some it was quiet gnarly out there for the first few days then turned to clear blue skies and a bit WINDY with big beautiful waves, everyone feelin’ alive! One thing for sure, whether you’re blue water cruising, or ocean racing, it truly changes you. 

We started out with 3 reefs due to the fact that we were sailing in a busy shipping lane and often had to move over and alter course for the large ships (Ships do not give way to sail) , sea state was 2 to 3 m seas, 32 knots max gusts abating to 20 knots as we neared Singapore and calmer seas once away from the Straits Shipping Channel and NE Monsoon Winds.

Sailing trip from Attiki (Nea Peramos) to Corfu, via "Diapontia" islands on NW of Corfu

This is a video about the 2016 San Diego to Ensenada race. I am sculpting the craft of onboard reporting for the 2017 VOR. As tryouts and more cuts are to come I am trying to learn a good formula equipment wise as well as story telling.

This turned out to be an epic adventure...maybe more than any of us thought it would be. My uncle purchased a '91 F27 trimaran from a guy that had it moored in Santa Marta, Colombia. I agreed to help him and my cousin (both experienced sailors) sail it back to Florida. We encountered 25+ knot winds and 6-7 meter waves for 2 days, virtually zero wind for 3 days, imposing freight traffic on night watch, numerous mechanical and equipment failures, sea-sickness, and food poisoning....but also a lot of bonding, beautiful scenery, laughs, and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

I sailed alone from Sarasota to Cuba via Key West. Just a few scenes from that trip. This is with my Corsair F-27 trimaran.


Intense sailing in 30-40 knot winds between Bay of LA and Gonzaga Baja on the northbound leg of Baja 2017 Gato Loco cruise.

Trimaran Corsair 37 RS Carbon in direction to St.Barth

A bit breezy and bouncy that day...

Having some fun on the Corsair F31 Tumbleweed on a perfect Seattle afternoon with Matt and Wayne. Matt demonstrates what new sails and flawless rigging can do to a helpless J 80 out in the Puget Sound.

Day 1 of Seawind Catamaran delivery trip to Singapore, January 2016 aboard

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The Corsair Trimarans and Seawind Catamarans are built to last, and are capable of sailing everywhere in all sorts of conditions! Thank you for sharing your adventures!