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The new Corsair 760 is incredibly easy to sail, even single-handed. Sometimes you choose to be sailing alone, and sometimes it just ends up that way with the crew asleep after a great summer’s day out on the water. All sail controls lead back to the cockpit. The Corsair 760 sails with almost zero heeling. It slips through the water with a minimum of fuss and gets you home quickly & safely.

The Corsair 760 feels and sails like boats twice its size, but it's affordably priced to own & maintain. Corsair's resale value is legendary and will be one of the best new boat investments you can make today.

Corsair 760

THE MORE - Your chance to attend this sold-out 2018 clinic

The next Performance Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth as chief instructor will be held May 19-20, 2018 at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in the Florida Panhandle. Two days of instruction, both in the classroom and on the water, with sailing drills set by Randy to reinforce the classroom instruction. Lunch provided Saturday and Sunday, and dinner plus an after dinner talk on Saturday night. 


Contact 180 Marine today for details >>  Randy has a systematic, easy to use, approach to arriving at optimal sail trim, and he also has a host of personal experience to draw on which he shares willingly. Topics covered in classroom presentations are immediately reinforced with on-the-water drills. Among the several positive aspects of the Performance Sailing Clinic is the quality of the instruction, the patient on-board coaching from each assistant instructor, and the camaraderie among the participants and coaches stand out. When the group connects, good things happen!

The clinic covers a variety of topics from docking and anchoring, using tell tales to trim and steer for maximum speed, techniques for tacking and jibing, how to set up a spinnaker, spinnaker hoisting and dousing, man-overboard recovery, judging a starting line and more.

Even though some of the topics covered in the classroom sessions, demonstrations, and drills are very challenging for some of the less experienced participants, each sailor's skills will improve markedly from where they were at the beginning to the last set of on-the-water drills. The spirit of team effort camaraderie will help each participant to make good on each tack, gybe or spinnaker set or take down, thereby extending themselves and improving their skills and confidence.

Randy Smyth

randy smyth background

Randy Smyth is well known to the sailing crowd. He's graced the cover of no less than FIVE sailing magazines.
As skipper for Kevin Costner in Water World, and Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair, Randy's unique sailing expertise is in hot demand. Randy is sought by Olympic teams for his world renown skills as technical coach. Winning the America's Cup in 1988, Randy's contributions included teaching Dennis Conner the fine points of sailing catamarans. Randy's world dominance in multihull sailing has been a function of his lifelong focus on excellence. From the Olympics to World Championships to Grand Prix Circuits in Europe to 1000-mile Beach Catamaran Races, he's won race after race after race.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from Randy and his team of trimaran sailors!


Limited time offer

Just two Corsair 760s are available for delivery in the U.S. or Canada to start your summer!

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