What are 180 Marine experiences like?

180 Marine experiences are educational, immersive and entertaining! We immerse guests in all basic aspects of the Seawind Catamaran from reefing and sail control, mast and boom rigging, to basic boat handling and safety. You will also have an opportunity to hoist the sails and helm if you wish. By actively participating in all of these skills, it’s an opportunity for sailors at any level to learn more about a Seawind Catamaran to confirm if this catamaran design is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Training to evaluate for the serious sailor. Are you ready to own a Seawind catamaran?

180 Marine has Seawind Catamarans available for demos and training in Florida and California. We’re happy to guide you to evaluate the perfect Seawind model in the perfect place. We know our owners and captains personally, so we can help suggest the perfect boat for your experience. Seawinds are less common in the United States….while in Australia, Seawind Catamaran’s are the most popular cruising catamaran. You’re guaranteed to have a great experience, and it’s certainly more informative than a boat show!

Seawind cats are designed by Australians, uniquely suited for couples or families with limited or no cruising experience. They are perfect for safe and comfortable exploration of bays, coastlines and islands. Best of all, Seawind Catamarans sail like a sailboat, not a floating condo on the water.

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We’ll share our passion with you!

A decisive choice was made early to put sailing performance before pure volume, which is not the case of many modern catamaran designers. By having the main beds above the bridge deck, rather than in the hull, this choice allows narrower hull design which cut through the water more efficiently and faster. Our customers love getting to their destination faster and they don’t become frustrated by the lack of performance after days at sea when in moderate to light winds. What else? Shelter AND Visibility. These are the only twin helm designs in the world that offer unrivaled protection from the harsh southern sun, rain and wind by being located behind a major bulkhead. Add to this, panoramic windows that give you complete visibility in bad weather, and the flexibility to steer from either side of the boat when sailing so you can properly trim your sails, or dock with an optional twin engine control.

Catamarans between mid 30 to mid 40 feet are easier to handle, easier to maintain and easier to manage, offering a good balance of comfort and low cost of operation without overwhelming the crew to operate. On Seawinds, all lines and controls feed back to the cockpit and are optimized for one person to operate the boat, which happens to be easier for novice sailors to use. These design features are unique, enabling many of our owners to cruise as couples or single hand on countless ocean passages over vast distances.

The following Seawind Catamaran models are available for
demos and training.

“Charles Edward”
A new 2019 Seawind 1160 LITE will be sailing from Saint Petersburg, Florida in November to destinations south.
Please contact us for details on legs of the passage from Florida to the Caribbean.


“Instant Karma”
A new 2018 Seawind 1260 based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida is ready for demos, training and charters.


“Always” A 2006 Seawind 1160 Deluxe is based in Los Angeles, available now for demos and day charters.

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Learn more about these Seawind models

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How to get started

Check your schedule. Richard Allen /180 Marine and Don Wigston/Windcraft Multihulls will be available from November 16th through the 19th (possibly longer). We are taking reservations for 1- and 2-day training sessions in Los Angeles and Florida. Florida has a hurricane season because the Caribbean has a hurricane season. The season officially runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 every year. Some of the best times to visit Florida are December, January, February and March for southern locations -- Miami, Tampa and the Florida Keys. Rainfall is moderate for the most part. California is great year round…easier to schedule, but not as convenient for some. So we’re happy we can offer both destinations.

Contact Richard Allen for reservation times and locations.
Phone: 303.669.6210
Email: richard@180marine.com

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