Here are a few informative Seawind 1190 Sport reviews.

multihulls quarterly

The Seawind 1190 Sport's 2-day cruise...makes for a fine way to test Seawind's new performance cruising cat. The 1190 Sport offers owners something different, a cruising cat in the mid-price range, that will sail circles around most production cats. The use of many carbon parts, the spade rudders, tall rig, bowsprit and daggerboards all enhance sailing performance. Reported in Multihulls Quarterly

multihulls quarterly

Another great review from Multihulls Quarterly, gives you a good impression of the Seawind 1190 Sport.

The new cabin molding and extended hulls combine to form a profile that looks much longer than its actual 39 foot length.  Continuing the sheer line aft, integrating the new hard top into the cabin top, changing the window profiles and having a carbon clear coat finish to the targa arch, all combine to create a look with is sleek and lower in profile.

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Judge's Honorable Mention
The judge's special prize recognizing an outstanding design.

The 1190 Sport has been developed for sailors looking for performance without compromise on comfort and range. The 1190 is a variant of the popular 1160 cruising range and has been optimised by Francois Perus in collaboration with Alan Carwardine, two of the industry’s leading multihull designers.

The 1190 Sport offers all the advantages of a modern sports catamaran without losing the ability to also perform as a long distance cruiser.

Seawind is an Australian company that now builds its boats in Vietnam with the sister brand Corsair Marine.