Seawind 1190 Sport

Seawind 1190 Sport Base Price $389,000 USD, call for your quote...

Seamlessly straddling the line between civilization and nature.

The 1190 Sport has been developed for sailors looking for performance without compromise on comfort and range. The 1190 is a variant of the popular 1160 cruising range and has been optimised by Francois Perus in collaboration with Alan Carwardine, two of the industry’s leading multihull designers.

The 1190 Sport offers all the advantages of a modern sports catamaran without losing the ability to also perform as a long distance cruiser. We are proud to announce the Seawind 1190 Sport has been nominated for Cruising World's 2017 Boat of the year. The jury unanimously decided to honor the Seawind 1190 Sport with the "Judges Special Prize" for 2017.

Seawind 1190 Sport

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Seawind 1190 Sport

The overall finish of the Seawind 1190 Sport is consistent with that of the well known and loved 1160 range with only the highest quality equipment used throughout.

The overall concept of the 1190 sport is for a competitive sports catamaran at a level of construction, workmanship, equipment, fitout and style that surpasses any other sports catamaran available in the market at this price range.

Feature Overview:

Exterior laminate
Finish: Full female moulded hulls & decks, exterior gelcoat and carbon fiber finish with moulded-in non-slip surface on deck areas.

Hull Laminate: New Infused Vinyl Ester (Modified epoxy) resin laminate of the entire hull laminate. Polyester resin elsewhere. Laminate specifications are certified to CE and Australian survey standards.

Less drag than mini-keels (7m3 reduction in wetted surface area)
Higher pointing ability (5-7 degrees)
Shallow draft (450mm)
Lighter construction

Dagger style high aspect retractable rudders
Reduced drag
Improved performance
Positive helm feedback
Shallow draft
Beaching ability

Foils and steering system
Twin helm stations: 2 X 32” lightweight composite steering wheels.
Both wheels independently linked to steering system. – system offers back-up redundancy.
Retractable dagger-boards below deck height when retracted.

Carbon reinforced forebeam and targa arch
Stiffer construction
Reduced weight

Carbon Bowsprit
Stiffer / lighter construction

Double spreader tall mast
Clear anodised aluminium mast and boom. Double spreader rig.
bility to carry larger sail area
Improved sheeting ability

Mast, Boom, Sails and Rigging
Lightweight aramid cloth reducing weight aloft
Improved sail shape and performance

Standing Rigging  – Forestay 1 x 19 Dieform wire
Cap Shrouds Dynex Dux, synthetic rigging.
Diamonds 1 x 19 Stainless Steel wire.

Halyards – Main halyard:  12 mm Spectra rope : Heavy duty shackle
Jib halyard:  8 mm Spectra rope. Heavy duty shackle.
Topping lift:  8 mm rope, Heavy duty shackle.
Spinnaker Halyard:  8mm Spectra with snap-shackle
Screecher halyard with new 2:1 purchase system.
Boom outhaul: 10mm Spectra.

Slab reefing

Fully battened square top black aramid, laminate mainsail. Triple stitched radial construction. Leach adjustable batten end caps. Fibreglass sail battens

Black aramid, laminate jib with vertical battens.

Asymmetric spinnaker in any color of your choice

Carbon fibre bowsprit with synthetic bridle wires

Mainsail cover with integrated lazy jack system

Self-tacking headsail, curved headsail traveller track with end stops. With New single line control sheet to cockpit

Mainsheet run to port and starboard helms

Construction weight reduction of 600 kg (compared to Seawind 1160)
Improved power to weight ratio

Outboard Engines: Help reduce weight and drag, twin 20 hp Honda Outboards are standard
Significant weight reduction
No drag when sailing
No growth on legs
No electrolysis
Low maintenance & low replacement costs
Fuel stored external to the cabin

Seawind 1190 Sport

Seawind 1190 Sport

Delivery Options...
A Vietnam delivery is becoming more popular!

Learn about taking your Seawind 1190 Sport delivery in Vietnam! It's a great process if you have the time. There are some fantastic places to sail around in Asia.

If you would like to take delivery in North America or the Caribbean, 180 Marine will work with you. Popular delivery options include Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pensacola, Miami and more.

Recently we’ve delivered directly to Mexico, and we can support destinations like Belize or Caribbean islands too…so share the ideal delivery destination you have in mind!

Seawind is an Australian company that now builds its boats in Vietnam with the sister brand Corsair Marine.

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