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A clean, contemporary boat with a home office built in!

Welcome aboard the Seawind 1160 Deluxe, blue water cruising catamaran. One of the world’s most awarded cruising and charter catamarans. With over 100 hulls now built, the Seawind 1160 has won numerous awards including:

  • Most Innovative Sailboat (Cruising World Magazine 2007)

  • Best Multihull Cruiser (Cruising World Magazine 2007)

  • Best Sailboat of the Newport Boat Show, RI – USA (2006)

  • Best Australian Consumer Product (Endeavour Manufacturing Awards 2007)

  • Australian Sailboat of the Year (AIMIF 2005)

  • Nominated for Top Ten Boats of the Year (SAIL Magazine 2007)


The Seawind 1160 Deluxe creatively blends key concepts of other popular Seawind models to create a design that successfully combines the huge living space and all-round visibility of the Seawind 1000, with the sleeping accommodation, luxurious fitout and security of the lockable Saloon featured on the Seawind 1200. Thanks to the innovative TRI-FOLDING DOOR system that converts the separate saloon and cockpit separated by a door, into a huge living and entertaining space with the doors folding and stowing away into the targa above.

Seawind 1160 Deluxe.png

Since its launch, the 38ft Seawind 1160 catamaran has won a huge array of awards internationally, including “Best Multihull” Cruising World Mag 2007, “Most Innovative” Cruising World 2007, “Best Sailboat” Newport Boat Show 2006, the 2005 Australian Sailboat of the Year and many others. Over 100 Seawind 1160s have been sold all around the world due to its superior use of space and outstanding performance attributes.

Seawind owners have sailed across the Pacific ocean from Australia to Alaska, via New Zealand, Tahiti and Hawaii, while other owners have cruised through SE Asia. You will also find the Seawind 1160 catamaran is a favorite in bareboat charter fleets in Australia and Thailand, yet also equally as popular as a weekender on harbors all around the world. It’s this versatility combined with superior workmanship and quality that define the Seawind 1160.

The Seawind 1160 Deluxe also features:

  • Resin infusion construction with hull in Vinylester resin

  • Fully moulded carbon forebeam for stiffness

  • Dual helm for maximum control

  • Self tacking jib

  • Extended hardtop area

Delivery Options...

If you would like to take delivery in North America or the Caribbean, 180 Marine will work with you. Popular delivery options include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pensacola, Miami and more.

We can support destinations like Belize or Caribbean islands too…so share the ideal delivery destination you have in mind!

Published on May 3, 2016

Seawind 1160 Deluxe Catamaran bought in San Diego making the trip up to her new home in Santa Barbara Harbor


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