What are 180 Marine Experiences Like?

180 Marine experiences are educational, immersive and entertaining! We immerse guests in all basic aspects of the Corsair trimaran 760 from speed control on a trimaran, to simple safety maneuvers and folding techniques on the water. Actively participate in all of these skills, it’s an opportunity for sailors at any level to learn more about the Corsair trimaran 760 to confirm if this design is the perfect fit for you and your family.

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We’ll share our passion with you!

On most days you might be sailing the Corsair trimaran 760 with just the main and jib, but add a screecher, in winds up to about 16 knots. It's remarkably easy to reach 16 knots of boat speed with main and screecher, making it obvious that a lot more is possible with a chute. This new model can be sailed very aggressively with less tendency for the leeward float to bury itself and trip over its bows. At a point, which on earlier 750 models we might feel the need to back off, the 760 Sport is pedal to the metal. Corsair's 24 ft trimarans have come a LONG way since the original 1993 F-24 Mk1, that's for sure! On the Corsair trimaran 760 it's a joy to see the leeward float bow knifing through the water, kicking up a little spray (which doesn't come anywhere near the cockpit), while the relative flat float undersides providing a lot of lift... encouraging the main hull to start planing sooner. The fun factor of this boat is huge, but yet it has a very comfortable interior with much improved settee cushion and a more modern look. The 760 Sport is unmatched by any 24-foot boat we know for speed, comfort and convenience. Frankly, we can't imaging a more versatile 24-foot boat period!

Did you know there are 3 versions of the Corsair 760?

The Standard Corsair trimaran 760

  • Feels and sails like boats twice its size.

  • Offers a comfortable cruising interior with compact galley and pop top.

  • With an optional collapsible dining table it will sleep up to 4.

The Corsair trimaran 760 SPORT

  • The Corsair 760 SPORT delivers supreme performance through the use of lightweight carbon technologies.

  • The carbon mast – standard on the Corsair 760 SPORT, reduces weight aloft and actually increasing her safety factor. So you can turn the speed dial to 10, but remain completely in control and comfortable in sailing such a performance machine.

The Corsair trimaran 760R

  • Keeping true to the 760 range the new R version offers an identical underwater profile and sail plan however features a huge full length cockpit at the loss of internal volume and comforts. Unlike the other 760 Variants the R does not offer the versatility of sleeping accommodations and comfortable interior but is instead focused record breaking speed and a large open deck layout.

Learn new things

We know these boats inside and out! 180 Marine has more experience sailing the Corsair trimaran 760 trimaran than any Corsair Dealer in the world, and we have sold more Corsair trimaran 760’s than any Corsair Dealer in the world.

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“We’ve had the pleasure of buying a Corsair Sprint 750 MKII from Richard and Leslie with 180 Marine. Being first time boat owners they made the experience enjoyable, effortless and serene. We took delivery of the boat in Oceanside, California where Richard and Leslie went above and beyond to truly customize the experience for our family and teach us all the technical aspects of the boat.”
— Paul and Miriana
Richard Allen held my hand and managed the buying process at every step of this purchase.
Richard has a calm smooth character. This business style made my anxieties of this process come down to a very comfortable level.
— Tom

How to get started

Check your schedule. We are taking reservations for 1- and 2-day training sessions in Colorado, Southern California and Florida. Colorado happens to be our hub of operations, and demos in Colorado are weather dependent.

Contact Richard Allen for reservation times and locations.
Phone: 303.669.6210
Email: richard@180marine.com

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